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Its Simple!  Its Effective!

  • Leverage social media and increase your reach.
  • Convert your customers to be your Brand Ambassadors.
  • Effectively link your Offline and Online promotions.
  • Low Risk - Easy Set up



Leverage Ndorse It!

  • Make an offer
  • Post it on Ndorse It! or your web page
  • Download a bar code to use in your outlet / publications / TV commercials
  • Distribute the campaign links through your facebook page, traditional advertising channels, Emails etc
  • Users claim the offer through Mobile phones or Internet
  • Users Ndorse your product / service on social Media sites
  • Your campaign message spreads quickly
  • Track the spread of your campaign on the web
  • Pay for actual reach
  • Users can Ndorse your products / services and claim benefits immediately in your outlet or on your web stores
  • Your Customers become your ambassadors.

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Ndorse It! is a new and effective way to communicate to your target audience and expand your sales. There is nothing more valuable than a recommendation of a friend and that is what Ndorse It! enables.

Ndorse It! is an innovative marketing tool that leverages social media to deliver marketing messages through "Word of mouth". Launched in 2010 in Norway, Ndorse It! is used by small and large businesses in Europe, South America and India.

Our platform enables interaction between brands and people, and helps create brand ambassadors.

Whether you are a large corporation, a small local business or a web shop, Ndorse it! can serve your needs.